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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency took the Internet online in 1969. Few people recognize this. They believe it began in the 1990s. This short-sighted view does not mean that the people who hold it know nothing about the Internet. Plenty of people use the Internet without knowing about its history. They may not even care that the modern information super highway started out as a way to decentralize information in case of a nuclear attack. None of this matters when to people who want to check their e-mail and communicate with people all the way across the wizard. However, a business owner needs to know more about the Internet or at least hire someone who does. If he does not know how to deal with the World Wide Web and related services, he can hire the Internet wizards.

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How Do the Internet Wizards Help?

The Internet wizards know how to set up server cases. They know the deep secrets of Windows and Linux. Usually, they know the deep secrets of one of these operating systems. They do not need to know the complexities of both. Most people who start out learning Windows may pick up Linux later. After all, learning some version of Linux is part of a person's development as a computer geek. They can also set up protocols, web servers, e-mail servers and anti-virus programs. They can do all of these things without the intervention of someone else.

How Does the Internet Wizard Help Me With My server case?

The server case does not do anything by itself. The owner needs to pay attention to the hardware inside it. The wizard can build the server, install the proper networking cards, make sure it has the right amount of memory, and the right amount of hard drive space. If the business owner is truly clueless, and Internet wizard can even explain the difference between hard disk space and ram. Although this distinction has become less important, it is the difference between short-term and long-term storage.

Setting Up the Right Amount of Bandwidth

The server case must also house networking equipment. The server may deal with a large or small amount of data. The Internet wizard can recommend coaxial, 10BaseT, or 100BaseT wires depending on the customer's needs. If the customer asks, he can even explain information about the best router for a business. Even the most clueless person in the modern age knows that anyone who needs a server also needs a router.

The Internet wizard can help the clueless Internet user fill his server case with the things they need. This includes hardware, wires, and even the necessary software. The Internet wizards will even install Windows for the business owner. They will only do this if the business owner insists. Most people do not trust Windows to provide the highest level of Internet security. Windows updates have changed this, but Linux and Unix servers still are more secure. The clueless user just needs to hire the wizard before network building begins.